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After a much needed and very enjoyable Christmas period break, we finally gathered together once again at the glorious Dragonfly Zen for the First Yaya Sisterhood Empowerment Workshop for 2021!

This workshop was designed to inspire the Yaya Sisterhood attendees to explore the take time out to speak love and kindness back to OURSELVES through the art of positive self-talk: AFFIRMATIONS!

While sitting in circle and passing the talking bowl around, we were able to share ideas ideas on why we felt it might be important to  shower ourselves in positive internal self-talk while also delving into the art of self-care, self-love, self-awareness, self-responsibility and GOOD VIBES!

The personalised affirmation cards we created during the crafting component of the workshop serve as a sweet keepsake representation of how important it is to take time out for yourself to practice thinking beautiful, positive, affirming thoughts to ourselves; while introducing concepts like growth mindset, body positivity, inner reflections, mirror work, affirmations and maintaining a healthy internal dialogue.


🌻  We discussed AFFIRMATIONS as: “Words that you think or say and believe to be true”.

🌻 We explored negative statements and worked on flipping them into a positive affirmation.

🌻 During our icebreaker we learnt that so many of us had things in common!

🌻 Everyone in the space was so patient with sharing pens, pencils & scissors.

🌻 The affirmations that the girls created BLEW ME AWAY!

🌻 We closed the circle and then played some fun [loud!] games!

As always, was SO much fun; and so incredible to witness such beautiful interactions and connections happening across the room.

Next month we will be gathering again for MOVEMENT & DANCE!

All details will be linked below!

Until then;

Love Kim X


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Examples of some work in progress!

Yaya Sisterhood regular Ruby proudly showing off her finished deck of affirmations!

Sweet moment captured between Zahlia [left] and Jasmine [right]; Zahlia had finished her cards and was braiding an anklet for Jasmine using the left over wool from the ‘Sisterhood thread’ game. 

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