Kim Darby

[ feeler of feelings, writer of words]

I couldn’t do an ‘About Me’ without a nod of appreciation to them; my trio of bambinas, my smalls, my squad, my mini-me-times-3, the beats of my heart, my brunette girl gang, the OG Yayas, – my daughters. 

[L-R] Sadie, Sofia & Sunny.


And I [Kim, mama of 3 girls + two bonus daughters, lover of left-over spaghetti, black coffee & long walks on the beach] couldn’t have started this project without the presence of these three in my mind [heart, soul].

The moment I first gave birth to my eldest daughter Sofia 11.5 years ago, was when I first felt like I needed to do *something* to guide her through life. Something [anything!] that was a slight step above being just her mama. Being her mama was enough, I knew this. But I couldn’t help the feeling that I could [should] share the stories and experiences of my life with her to aide her through the tumultuous waves of growing up as a female in a society that hasn’t quite grasped the importance of supporting & celebrating females […or the ideology behind being a kind human in general. YET].

Then the desire [passion / want / NEED] became stronger and stronger each time I birthed another daughter.

So, now we’re here. The opportunity to hold space for growing girls and facilitate a workshop and circle for them to all sink into a collective that inspires self-awareness & self-love has finally come to fruition.

Finally here, finally birthed 💛

This is for all the girls / women / females; before me & after me to be held, heard, seen, celebrated & LOVED.

All of them, all of us.

— Kim Darby.

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